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Gear rack clearance adjustment, these details you need to know!

The rack and rack installation clearance adjustment methods and techniques, the straightness and parallelism detection standards for rack assembly, and related precautions are described below for reference.

I. Techniques for adjusting rack and pinion clearance:

Method 1, as shown in Figure 1, when the gear and rack are engaged, place the copper foil with the gap thickness we need, for example, a copper foil with a thickness of 0.02mm. Give the gear a certain preload to make the gear and rack compact. , Then push the gear to turn over the copper foil, and finally we get a gap of about 0.02mm.

Method 2: As shown in the above figure, the gear and rack mesh as shown in the figure above. After pre-tensioning the gear, the gear swings back and forth slightly, and the gap depends on the swing table. Adjust the gear up and down to adjust the gap.

Note: When assembling gears and racks, they must be parallel and perpendicular, and the concentricity should also be within the standard range, otherwise it will affect the assembly and use. It is best to have several bar-shaped (5-20mm) holes for the fixing screw holes of the reducer to adjust the gap between the gear and the rack.

Instructions for testing the straightness and parallelism of rack assembly:

1. After the teeth are assembled, mark the back of the rack and the mounting surface for marking. When measuring the meter, the straightness and parallelism of the high-precision rack are less than 0.02mm, and the medium-precision should be less than or equal to 0.03mm.

2. The straightness and parallelism between the guide rail and the rack on the mechanism are less than 0.02mm with high accuracy and less than 0.03mm with precision.

3. When assembling high-precision gears and racks, the backlash is less than 0.02mm, the conventional backlash is less than 0.06mm, the concentricity is less than 0.02mm, and the ordinary accuracy is less than 0.03mm.

4. Working environment In a good lubrication environment, if the assembly does not meet the above standards, it will cause the following consequences:

1. Accuracy cannot be reached;

2. Noisy;

3. It is easy to cause wear and tear on the rack and pinion and shorten the service life.

Therefore, everyone must strictly operate the installation clearance adjustment of the rack and pinion. If you are unclear, you can ask the technician for help.

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