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Isn't car manufacturing very demanding? Why does this car take less than 2 minutes to assemble?

With the advancement of science and technology, the production of many things is now becoming intelligent, including car production. Especially in recent years, the application of robots has made the production of cars more and more automated, and the process and quality have also been significantly improved. Then if you say that 2 minutes after you read this passage, the Linkock Road and Bridge Factory can assemble a Linklock 01, do you believe it? I believe someone will have a question, isn't car manufacturing quite harsh? Why is it possible for Linker 01 to be produced so quickly? The following editors will show you why.

Before that, let us take a look at the birth place of Lingke 01-Lingke Road and Bridge Factory.

The Lingke Road and Bridge Factory is a modern factory invested by Geely Holding Group and constructed in accordance with Volvo standards. It covers an area of 734,400 square meters and is one of the most advanced automobile production bases in the world. The internal assembly line robot comes from the world's top robot manufacturer-KUKA robot. Interestingly, the robot has evenly matched the former table tennis world champion-Tim Poll on the table, and is responsive. Speed can be imagined. The welding and painting workshops at Lingke Road and Bridge Plant also use the same ABB robot arms as Volvo, with a total of 253 units.


So why can the gram 01 guarantee such an efficient production speed while still ensuring accuracy?

Firstly, the Lingke factory located in Zhangjiakou introduced the top-level KUKA production line. A total of 285 KUKA robots were used, and the degree of automation reached 100%. The annual output is 200,000, and 30 cars can be produced per hour, which is equivalent to building a car for you every 2 minutes, and Link 02 and 03 are produced here.

The second is the Lingke Road and Bridge factory introduced above. The factory uses world-class supplier production equipment. The assembly line robots are manufactured by KUKA. The welding and painting workshops also use the same ABB robot arms as Volvo, a total of 253 . In addition, in order to ensure the reliability and durability of the formed vehicle, the world's most advanced equipment is assembled here. Every part is joined with information tracking, and the material information has been interconnected and shared. Based on this, the qualified rate of parts processing in the stamping link of Lingke Road and Bridge Factory reached 100%, and the qualified rate of solder joint positioning in the welding link reached 99.8%. At the same time, the first, middle, and last three plates of the products produced by the Lingke Road and Bridge Factory will be scanned by blue light. In order to ensure product quality, the scanning accuracy must be controlled between plus and minus 0.05mm. Quite harsh.

In addition, the Lingke Road and Bridge Plant is also more careful about the materials used. In the glue shop of the Luqiao Plant, there are a total of 8 glue robots, which can apply glue to various complex positions and shapes in a stable manner. In addition, there are 20 painting robots in the painting workshop, and the utilization rate of paint can reach more than 85%, which can not only save resources, but also effectively reduce emissions.

It is worth mentioning that the CMA's own CMA basic module architecture is another reason why it can be produced so efficiently. As Volvo's leading research and development platform, the platform jointly developed by Geely and Volvo Cars has a high degree of flexibility. The car is built like a building block. It can produce A0-B class, hatchback to sedan, car, SUV, etc. Car models. In addition, the CMA architecture has a FlexRay communication system with a network transmission speed of 10 Mbps, which is 20 times faster than the CAN network currently used by mainstream car companies. This also makes the Link01 01 capable of adapting to current smart devices from the beginning of production.


Of course, if you still have more interest in it, then another CCTV documentary that records the history of innovation and development of China's equipment manufacturing industry-"Great Country Heavy Equipment", also details the interior of the Luqiao Factory. You can go to Watch.

Combined with the above, I believe that you already know the reason why Lectra 01 can be produced in such a short time, and it can also guarantee its own quality, performance, and appearance. Although it is said that the production of Link Gram is not so closely related to everyone's daily life, and it is difficult for ordinary consumers to access these, through it we can actually feel the price of Link Gram 01 and its high-end products. Strength, maybe that's why Lingke 01 has over 110,000 user owners in just 2 years.

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